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Friday Fireside Chat with Jayshree Seth


Jayshree Seth, Ph.D., is a corporate scientist and chief science advocate for 3M Company, where she has worked for over 27 years to advance science and develop new technologies and environmentally sustainable industrial products. She... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Robert Siegel


When I learned that Rob Siegel had been the lead researcher for Andy Grove's book "Only the Paranoid Survive," I knew I just had to meet him! Today, he is a lecturer in management at... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Jeff Saviano


Quick: When I say "tax guy" at a Big Four accounting firm, my guess is your pulse doesn't start to quicken. But in the case of Jeff Saviano, you'll find a delightful departure from that... Read more »

The Lou Carter Show


The thing about inflection points is that steady-state is not an option. You’re either going to seize the moment and thrive or miss it and suffer a setback. The good news is that using the... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Zachary Karabell


I first met Zachary Karabell when he was enrolled in my Columbia Executive Education program "Leading Strategic Growth and Change" and he made a big impression on me all those years ago. I'm delighted to... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Zoe Chance


Zoe Chance graduated from a massively successful corporate career to doing groundbreaking research to teaching a hugely popular elective at Yale called Mastering Influence and Persuasion, aka "Doing Uncomfortable Things That Make You a Better... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Jonathan Brill


We think of unusual events as rare - but as my Friday Fireside Chat guest, Jonathan Brill, points out, they may be rare individually, but when they accumulate, the chance of their creating a catastrophic... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with John Hagel


John Hagel was seeing around the corners of the business world long ago. He's well known for his work presented in 7 books on business, digitization and what he's learned as the director of the... Read more »