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Friday Fireside Chat with Tim Harford


Tim Harford, the well known "Undercover Economist" columnist for the Financial Times was awarded an OBE in 2019 for his contribution to our economic understanding. I could not be more thrilled that he'll be joining... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Dorie Clark


My good friend Dorie Clark is a master of personal and professional reinvention.  After starting out as a journalist and political operative (what careers could have brighter prospects?) she has transformed her career multiple times.... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Rick Goings

Books by Rita McGrath

I’ve been an unabashed fan of Rick Goings’ since we first met at a CEO Summit where one of the most memorable moments involved a real-time display of the creativity that goes into the Tupperware... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Glen de Vries


One of the most exciting frontiers in medicine is the use of huge amounts of patient data to help design personalized and highly effective individual treatments which never would have been possible before. My Friday... Read more »

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