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Innov8rs Connect Unconference 2021


From the big strategic questions to day-to-day tactics. From doing your actual innovation work, to managing stakeholders and engaging leadership. Your list of to-do’s might feel endless. What if you can get some help in... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with George Stalk


George Stalk is a legend in the field of strategy. He was called a "Johnny Appleseed" at respected strategy consultancy BCG, invented a concept called time-based competition and has introduced many other ideas that have... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with David Duncan


It is seldom that a management book could be described as "delightful." But, I'm thrilled that David Duncan's new book "The Secret Lives of Customers" is exactly that. It's a detective story with a hero... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Dessa


And now for something completely different! I first learned about category-defying artist Dessa from her brilliant Hamilton-style rap song in honor of Janet Yellen, the first female secretary of the Treasury. She's a singer, songwriter,... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with David Bornstein


Something we don't do enough when looking for answers for big, hairy social problems is find places where solutions are actually working and see how we might benefit from their success. David Bornstein's "Fixes" column... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Jayshree Seth


Jayshree Seth, Ph.D., is a corporate scientist and chief science advocate for 3M Company, where she has worked for over 27 years to advance science and develop new technologies and environmentally sustainable industrial products. She... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Robert Siegel


When I learned that Rob Siegel had been the lead researcher for Andy Grove's book "Only the Paranoid Survive," I knew I just had to meet him! Today, he is a lecturer in management at... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Jeff Saviano


Quick: When I say "tax guy" at a Big Four accounting firm, my guess is your pulse doesn't start to quicken. But in the case of Jeff Saviano, you'll find a delightful departure from that... Read more »

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