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Friday Fireside Chat – Sarah Stein Greenberg


Sarah Stein Greenberg has been a fixture at Stanford's famous "d.school" since 2010, and is currently its Executive Director. When the design movement swept across the product landscape, led by thinkers such as David M.... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Jennifer Moss


If you could pick someone to lead you through an intelligent conversation about the new world of work, you couldn't do better than to consult with Jennifer Moss. Author of the forthcoming HBR Press book... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Ray Wang


Everybody Wants To Rule the World. When R "Ray" Wang says it, he isn't just channeling a popular musical line, he really means it. In his view, digital giants are pulling further and further ahead... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Robert Livingston


I promised Harvard Professor and expert on equality and inclusion Robert Livingston that I would read his book "The Conversation" before he joined me for a Friday Fireside Chat. I did, and am ever so... Read more »

Friday Fireside Chat with Liz Wiseman


Liz Wiseman changed the way we think about high performing organizations with her groundbreaking book "Multipliers." She found that, despite the best of intentions, some leaders diminish the creativity and impact of their teams while... Read more »